Why Choose Australian Beef: Benefits and Facts?

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Undoubtedly, it can be assured that the Australian beef is managed to achieve the best results as the government in Australia ascertains that when consumers buy beef, they get the best quality. They also ensure that Australian citizens are able to achieve guaranteed results every time with support from federal and state government and the programme conducted by them which are called Meat Standard Australia (MSA). 

MSA spends millions of dollars on many aspects in the beef’s processing- such as from breeding to processing, cooking and retailing to impact on eating quality. The crucial factors that have impact on the eating quality include- quality of pasture, type of feed, the age and breed of the cattle, processing conditions, type of cut and cooking techniques, and animal handling.

Apart from all these factors, what makes Australian beef so special?

There are several regulations and standards that Australian meat company’s producers and processors pay heed to. The standard will vary as per the market through which the producers or processors have entered in. Meat companies in Australia adhere to animal welfare regulations and laws regardless of the status or value of the livestock. And when the livestock is treated with the best care possible in the best interest of everyone, why will the beef not taste luscious. 

Here is the list of the reasons and facts that makes Australian beef different

  1. Beef is considered to be versatile

It is versatile as it’s packaging and production is implied for a mass crowd including a variety of customers with different cultures. It does not focus on a specific group of customers. Even if you need frozen ready beef cuts or restaurant ready retail beef cups, everything is available.

Australian meat companies main focus is on enhancing the quality, but not after restricting the types of its availability. They want it to be consumed by all as it is an organic produce meat and considered to be most healthful, especially the one produced in Australia.

  • Traceability and Biosecurity

This is one of the reasons why Australian beef is so special. It is because of our ability to ascertain the traceability and biosecurity of our beef. The natural borders of Australia create a barrier between the other neighbouring countries and Australia, and even the livestock industry has taken several initiatives to ensure the traceability and bio-security of our produce.

If you have heard of the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS), the processors and producers of beef can easily trace the animal back to its property of origin. They are able to achieve this by-

a) Radio frequency identification devices

b) Vendor declarations

c) Property identification codes

d) The NLIS database system

The Australian meat companies producer can make disease outbreak response better than before, along with the market access and traceability.

  • Our feed and environment for the cattle are all safe

As you all know, Australia is a diversified country when it comes to climate. Hence, a variety of products and produce is grown in the farmlands of Australia. Australia’s livestock industry is very flexible and adaptable to the market fluctuations and trends. The same way just like the livestock industry, even the agriculture industry has high standards for production and quality.

Consequently, the quality of the feed that is being given to the cattle is of great quality and of course, what you put in you get out the same. Likewise, the beef that you eat here is of superior quality without any chemicals and it is organic.

  • Helps in development and achieving good health status

Beef contains a large proportion of Zinc, which is one of the essential minerals for our body. It keeps our body enriched by enabling this mineral to be absorbed in our body and keeps our body healthy. It helps in the development of body- be it at any stage during an infant, childhood or when you become an adult.

It also helps to keep our nervous system, immune and digestive system healthy. Our red blood cells, as well as immune strength, are also maintained due to the iron contents present in beef. It helps you maintain your overall well being. It also aids in building muscles and tissue repairing. 

“Shahram Shajarat is the director of AusGraze Exports and member of AusMeat and MLA Australia. Located in Newcastle (Australia), Shahram is licensed for export of Red meat from Australia around the globe.”

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