Is It Possible to Include Red Meat into your Mediterranean Diet?

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Adult or gamey mammals like beef, horse, and goat generally supply us the red meat. These are red in color when raw, and turn dark when you cook them. They have more myoglobin than any other meat does which is the cell which transports oxygen to muscles in the bloodstream.

Though we know so many benefits which we get by eating red meat products, but still due to some skeptic statistics we try out to keep our distance from it.

But a recent research study which was conducted by USA showed that we can now blend red meat in our Mediterranean diet too.

Basically a Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular eating patterns all over the world.  It is often described as being rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts/seeds and olive oil, and lower in sweets, sodium and red meat. 

Why Include Red Meat in a Mediterranean Diet?

You can be rest assured knowing that along with being delicious, lean beef contains important nutrients, like protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins that your body needs. The eating pattern allows a wide variety of proteins including fresh lean beef, goat meat, and lamb that support heart health, and can help keep you satisfied throughout the day.

 Talking about adding beef, then it’s a high-quality protein that can be enjoyed at any meal throughout the day. And one of best red meat serving country is Australia which is just not providing any meat, but a clean and satisfying one.

 In fact Australian Beefis one of the most delicious and cherished beef all around the globe.    

How to include red meat in your Mediterranean diet?

As a registered dietitian, folks are often curious as to how I eat and how I stay healthy. Here’s a diet plan which will work for you.

Well there is no denying that meat adds unique flavor to our foods. The good news for meat eaters is that they can now follow their Mediterranean Diet and enjoy meat at the same time.

But we always have to think of red meat as a treat reserved for special occasions. It is at the tippy top of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, along with cake and other sweets.

Make red meat like lamb, the side or garnish instead of the vegetables. I will recommend you the finest Australian Lambwhich will be the best choice to flavor and make your experience the best.

Try going vegetarian part-time  like breakfast and lunch and save meat or poultry for dinner. Or you can even make one or two days a week meat-free.

It’s easier to start and stick to a healthy eating plan when it is satisfying and enjoyable – and includes different foods and flavors. So, no need to limit your flavor or taste, where red meat is considered.

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