How Value Added Opportunities are boosting the Red Meat Industry with Profits?

How Value Added Opportunities are boosting the Red Meat Industry with Profits?

Adding value to products and services is very important as it provides consumers with incentive to make purchases. Therefore, increasing a company’s revenue and growth of the sectors and industries.

Australia is traditionally one of the major producers and exporters of red meat.  The industry is predominantly based on red meat (beef and sheep meat) and also includes small but expanding white meat (pork and chicken) and game industries.

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The case of Australian Red meat is a good example of the complexity of defining ‘value-adding’.  Value-adding in the red meat industry is extensive. While opportunities to increase value-adding in these industries do exist, it should be remembered that Australia has comparative advantages in the production and export of red meat and has successfully met customer demand in its marketing.

A value addition to Australian Meat Supplies has increased the red meat price, and  value as well. Consumers now have access to a whole range of products and services when they want them which has resulted in more demands which is leading to high profits. 

Most of Australia’s production is consumed domestically, although the industry, with the encouragement and support of the Commonwealth Government, has been working very hard to develop exports.  At present export opportunities are most likely to be for fresh, chilled pork, especially in Asian markets where local industries cannot meet demand due to disease outbreaks in Malaysia and Taiwan.

What is more, it appears that Australia’s agricultural; fisheries and forestry industries have been highly responsive to the market, providing products in value-added or raw form to meet customer requirements.

Demographic changes worldwide over the last two decades – such as increasing living standards and disposable incomes, busier lifestyles and exposure to the cuisine of other cultures – has seen a major increase in demand for fresh foods from more affluent, health conscious consumers.  This has often led to a situation where farmers and fishers have achieved greater returns from fresh product than if the same product was processed in some way.  Value can be added to fresh products through the introduction of quality systems or services.

And Australian meat industry is fulfilled with some great Australian meat companies which are satisfying the needs of the customers with the polishing of value added opportunities to their red meat products and one of the leading companies which is ruling the Australian atmosphere is AusGraze.

AusGraze Exports is passionate about the Australian meat industry. As a licensed Australian  Meat Suppliers, we provide our customers with the best products by comparing/sourcing  price offered across number of abattoirs. We cater for every customer’s need. We’re a leading supplier of quality red meat products including branded beefs like Wagyu, Angus, grain fed and grass fed beef.

Ausgraze’s  goal is to grow with you whilst providing a highest quality of service. AusGraze cater for different cultures, and as the leading Australian meat companies, we are also one of the certified Halal meat suppliers.

We are globally trusted, reputable and respected Australian meat exporters.

“Shahram Shajarat is the director of AusGraze Exports and member of AusMeat and MLA Australia. Located in Newcastle (Australia), Shahram is licensed for export of Red meat from Australia around the globe.”

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