Biggest Benefits of 100% Australian Beef from AusGraze Exports

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Beef lovers in Australia or all over the world loves purchasing Australian-made and also sourced produce meat. But when we talk about beef, what are the actual advantages of purchasing 100% Australian beef from AusGraze?

Here at AusGraze, we make sure that our quality is the best. The beef that we provide you is fresh and we ensure that we offer you it at the best prices. There are many meat companies in Australia but we strive to work on completing every customer’s demand by providing premium quality of beef. We think and work according to all the cultures and have been known for delivering the best product at nominal prices and these features have made us the best beef supplier in Australia.

Let us discuss some health benefits of Australian beef-

1) High in Protein– 

Australian beef offered by AusGraze exports are safe and fed under stress-free grazing environment, which means they are highly safe to eat and great for your health.

Beef is full of health-promoting amino acids, also it is said to be one of the biggest sources of protein in the diet. Protein intake is good for health and especially if you are eating Australian beef, it helps in building the blocks which our body uses in repairing and making skin, bones and cartilage. If your body has enough protein, it aids in building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

In short, protein is vital for great health, particularly as we age. Therefore Australian beef at AusGraze offers an ample amount of this macronutrient.

2) Full of Minerals

 It is very important to check before buying if all the welfare quality standards are met or not, as this tells us what kind of a quality that the company is maintaining. All the products of AusGraze maintains the Welfare quality standards so you can rest assured that they are healthy for you and rich in minerals. If you want to include minerals in your diet, then you should go for Australian beef as they are bred under strict protocols with focus on animal’s welfare and high-quality feed all year around that guarantees the best quality beef product.

 It provides more than half of the selenium and zinc required for your body in a day. There are various people who have a deficiency of these minerals. Hence, the nutritional value of the beef can aid in fighting with the prevailing global deficiencies of iron, magnesium, and zinc.

3) Rich in Vitamins

Well, as mentioned above there are many nutrients in beef and also it comprises of vitamin B in an abundant amount. It also has some amount of vitamin K and E in it. Australian beef being pure and of good quality would help you eradicate Vitamin B issues, if you have any. Especially Vitamin B12 is supposed to be really good for your health as it improves your skin, makes your sleep better, also makes your mood positive and it does neural regeneration as well. Moreover, a deficiency of Vitamin B12 can lead to mental health issues and the danger of depression.

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So, as discussed in the above points, it makes sure that Australian beef is not only of good quality but is also beneficial for your health too. So if you are thinking of exporting meat from Australia in any part of the world, then you can always contact AusGraze for premium quality products. We are a renowned red meat company in Australia which delivers one of the best red meat products which include Wagyu, Black Angus, Grain fed and Grass-fed beef to local meat wholesalers, distributors and supply chain worldwide.

“Shahram Shajarat is the director of AusGraze Exports and member of AusMeat and MLA Australia. Located in Newcastle (Australia), Shahram is licensed for export of Red meat from Australia around the globe.”

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